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Jeep’s Grand Cherokee has been a popular choice for buyers in the UK ever since it was first introduced. Most 4X4’s don’t drive well on the road and the Grand Cherokee’s predecessor was no different. However, the Grand Cherokee has been improved and now offers a much better on-road driving experience.


For many UK buyers the Grand Cherokee lacked sophistication, and the interior trim was of poor quality as was the calibre of some of the standard equipment and the available space.

Despite its shortcomings the Grand Cherokee has sold in large numbers, proving that image sells in the SUV market. Priced to under-cut competitors the Grand Cherokee has always been promoted as a good value for money. As an added bonus, it’s able to out-perform most of its rivals off-road.

The Grand Cherokee builds on the old car’s strengths and has significantly improved its weaknesses. It performs much better while driving around town and on the road in general. It also boasts more sophisticated looks. Improved suspension and steering, along with a longer wheelbase, revised transmission and an excellent diesel engine are all part of the mix that makes the Grand Cherokee an enjoyable driving experience.



This vehicle sells for similar to what one would pay for a premium saloon. The diesel engine option makes the most sense and is more economical. The diesel engine also performs better. The Grand Cherokee won’t be cheap however in terms of insurance, fuel, and running costs. Resale values should remain high.

The Grand Cherokee provides a lot of cabin space. Front and rear passengers should have more than adequate head and legroom. The boot is adequate and the rear seats fold almost flat in order to increase cargo space.

The car’s controls and dials are functional and logically where you’d expect them to be. The cabin materials seem to be of a much lesser quality than what the car’s exterior design and purchase price lead you to believe.

The Grand Cherokee is very comfortable with plenty of passenger room for all. The seats are firm, supportive, and adjust for passenger comfort. The steering wheel adjusts for rake but not reach, and engine and road noise are successfully kept to a minimal. The diesel sounds especially quiet even at faster speeds.

Accessing the car’s cabin is somewhat of a chore. Passengers must step-up into the car’s cabin, and this may prove to be difficult for some passengers. The boot is an adequate size but the load lip is high as might be expected from a vehicle this size.

The Grand Cherokee is a large vehicle, but it isn’t too difficult to park. The car’s large side mirrors, power-steering, and the high seating position of the driver make parking the large vehicle much easier. Rear parking sensors are standard on some models.

Life Style

The Grand Cherokee provides a good driving experience. It is composed and easy to manuever. The vehicle’s off-roading ability is good and, when powered by the 3.0-litre diesel, the car delivers an excellent and capable driving experience.

Jeep’s Grand Cherokee is an excellent family vehicle. It has an extremely spacious cabin and is designed to withstand the wear and tear of family life. The boot can easily accommodate cargo that is associated with families, and the rear seats fold down increasing the vehicles cargo carrying abilities.

This is not the best first car for a new driver. Even if you could afford it the car is large and takes some practice to navigate down busy streets and parking will require some practice as well. Insurance rates will be high and fuel will be costly as well.

The Grand Cherokee is a well built vehicle. Jeep’s image and that of the Cherokee is strong and able to compete with top-of-the-line models. Mostly because they are just as functional but cost a little less. The big difference between the Grand Cherokee and the competition is the absence of high quality materials in the Cherokee’s cabin.


Security and Safety

The vehicle comes standard with remote central locking and an immobiliser. These car’s are popular among car thieves and so an alarm and a third-party tracking device might be a good idea as well.

The car’s safety features include ABS, traction control, and electronic stability devices. There’s also an anti-rollover system and six airbags – including twin front, and side curtain bags.


The Finishing Touches

The Grand Cherokee comes with a standard radio plus single CD system. The unit’s controls are easy to access and the display is large and easy to read. Some upgrades ar available such as a more powerful system complete with six speakers and an amplifier. A sat-nav option is also available with a large colour screen and a six-CD changer. Limited models come with steering wheel mounted audio controls.



Jeep has improved the Grand Cherokee’s exterior style and given it a more modern look. The car not only looks better but it drives better as well. The diesel option is the absolute best choice of available engines and the Grand Cherokee handles great both off the road and on.

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