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The Pathfinder is Nissan’s value for money alternative designed to be the company’s equivalent to the likes of Land Rover’s Discovery or Jeep’s Grand Cherokee. Nissan has improved their quality of vehicles in the last few years and is catching buyers attention more and more. The Pathfinder is a competent and impressive off-roader.


Nissan has always produced reliable cars, but it wasn’t until the company introduced the 350Z Coupe. The popularity of the 350Z Coupe led to an attractive Roadster variant. Both cars have had great success and are a testimony to the firms commitment to produce more high quality vehicles.


The Pathfinder is a tough and reliable off-roader. Recent popularity of SUVs has prompted Nissan to build more family-friendly models. This is one sector of the car market that Nissan is determined not to be left out of.


The Pathfinder, is a good family vehicle, it provides 4X4 capabilities and can handle driving in the city, country, or suburbs without any problems. It can be used as a workhorse as well, it is plenty rugged and durable enough to handle most things work or play that can be thrown its way.


The Pathfinder does a good job both on and off-road. There are a few minor issues with refinement but for the most part it delivers a really decent ride at a good price with generous levels of standard The Pathfinder is targeting families who are on a budget.


The Pathfinder won’t be a cost effective family car, but it has great off-roading and towing ability. It is reliable and should it break down, won’t be overly expensive to repair. Fuel economy is poor; so long distance driving will become a burden.


The Pathfinder’s cabin is spacious as head and legroom is uncompromising, even for the tallest of passengers. The seven-seater is arrangeable in many different configurations. The boot is just as spacious and can carry a couple large items and with the seats down can hold almost anything.


The gauges and dials are all functional, but seem to lack quality. The plastics are cheap and don’t offer any aesthetic improvement to the cabin. Aside from this the Sat-nav system works well.


The seats are wide and comfortable. The engine can be loud at times when it’s pushed hard. Once on the open road, wind noise is evident, but not too intrusive.


The Pathfinder sits high, and getting into the pathfinder will be a challenge for all but the tallest of passengers. The third row occupants will be, by far, the worst off. They must climb up into the cabin then squeeze past the second row. The boot has a lower loading lip and a wide-opening lid that makes it easy to load and unload.


The car’s light steering and great all-around visibility makes parking the large Pathfinder much easier. Though not needed, a rear-view camera is on the options list.


Life Style

Under normal driving conditions the Pathfinder performs well on the road. The diesel unit performs best and gives more than adequate power. The car maneuvers quite well off-road despite its large size.


The car’s three rows of seats make it an ideal family vehicle. There is adequate cabin room and comfort levels are good. The Pathfinder provides good storage space and easily meets the needs of an active family.


The Nissan Pathfinder is too large for a first car. 4X4’s are not usually good starter vehicles, and this one will be difficult for inexperienced drivers to navigate down a crowded roadway.


The Pathfinder is a good representation of Nissan’s desire to branch out and expand its range of 4x4s and SUVs. It’s also a move to improve Nissan’s image as a more diverse manufacturer appealing to a more diverse group of buyers.

Security and Safety

The car is equipped with remote central locking and an engine immobiliser. The car’s rear underseat oddment compartment comes in really handy, keeping valuables out of sight.


The car comes standard with twin front airbags, side and curtain airbags, anti-lock brakes with ESP and traction control. Plus the obvious safety benefits of 4X4 capabilities.


The Finishing Touches

The car’s basic audio unit comes with a good quality radio/CD system. The unit provides good sound quality, but other upgrades are available. Move up a level and you gain a CD changer, steering wheel audio controls and a few extra speakers. The flagship models provide for many additional upgrades including a sat-nav system.

The Pathfinder looks the most flattering in dark colours. The interior is comprised of mostly greys. The grey looks decent and should tolerate wear and tear from work, kids, and pets very well.



The Pathfinder will be hard to beat. It provides excellent value for money. The cabin space is really good, it comes standard with high levels of equipment, and has decent 4X4 capabilities. The versatility that the Pathfinders offers buyers makes the vehicle a good all-round vehicle.

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