Peugeot 407

Building on the success of its 407 saloon, Peugeot has introduced the 407 Coupe. The Coupe is designed for comfort, style and the ability to cover long distances with ease, but the best part is that the 407 is being offered at a lower price than some big name rivals.


The 407 Coupe’s exterior is similar to that of its saloon sibling, but substantial changes have been made to the car’s interior giving it a much more attractive appearance. The car’s wide mouth grille, sweeping flanks and smart tail resemble some of the more recent Ferraris. This is one of the most attractive cars being offered.


On the inside, the use of aluminium trim and leather on SE and GT versions brings a strong sense of luxury and comfort to the cabin. The standard level of specification is generous, even on the entry level model.


The 407 Coupe has been enhanced for improved weight distribution, body strength, handling and crash performance. The suspension is stiffer and provides more grip.


Other changes include an electronically controlled damping system on six-cylinder models, all versions are fitted with ESP as standard, and assisted steering has been modified for improved feel.



The top specification GT model comes with a high purchase price, but the car’s ability to return good fuel economy may count for something. Running costs are likely to be high as well.


The cabin is spacious with plenty of passenger space. The drive position is good, and rear passengers will also enjoy adequate legroom, but headroom is somewhat limited due to the car’s sloping roof. Taller passengers may not fit comfortably.


There are many controls in the 407. It may take a while to get accustomed to them all. For the most part the controls have a quality feel and are useful for the purpose they were meant to serve.


The four individual seats are supportive and offer good levels of comfort. The front seats adjust for comfort. The 407 delivers a comfortable ride and road and engine noise is successfully kept to a minimal.


The front doors provide easy accessibility and open widely. The doors tend to be heavy and smaller passengers may struggle with the heavy doors. The car has been designed with an electric sliding motion when the front seats are tilted forward. This creates sufficient space for rear entry. The boot has a small aperture, which may limit the loading of larger items.


Limited rear visbility makes parking the 407 a little tricky. Rear parking sensors are fitted on all models and combine with the car’s light steering to make parking much easier.


Life Style

The 407 Coupe performs best when covering long distances. The 407 handles city driving well, but the car’s length might make it difficult to navigate through crowded parking lots and streets. The car delivers a controlled and comfortable ride. The car’s light steering and large size make high speed driving unsafe.


The 407 could definitely be used as a family car. The car is limited to four, but a small family would definitely have adequate room. The boot is spacious enough to meet most of the needs a family. Taller passengers will not fit as comfortably in the rear seats.


This is not the best choice of cars for first time car buyers. The car’s length and expensive nature make it a poor choice for most new drivers. The car is extremely easy to drive though but will probably prove difficult for a novice driver.


The 407 Coupe has an attractive interior and exterior design. The car boasts a good quality of materials, and the car’s exterior design could easily be mistaken for a more prestigious brand.


Security and Safety

The car comes equipped with deadlocks, a Thatcham approved security alarm and an engine immobiliser.


The car comes equipped standard with seven airbags, ESP, ABS and brakeforce distribution. All of the car’s features combine to make the Coupe a very safe choice.


The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio unit includes a radio and CD unit, but the SE and GT versions receive an amplifier and CD changer. The former provides a high output with good sound quality.


The top-specification GT model gets leather seats and dashboard, creating a classy and attractive interior. The SE model is also fitted with leather seats for a quality feel.


The car is very attractive and offers drivers a really good driving experience. The 407 is stylish and in diesel form it is economical. Buyers looking for a practical GT would be satisfied with what the 407 has to offer.

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